The Customer Service is Excellent

The biggest benefit to Wison working with BroCoTec is not having to worry about about all the little details. BroCoTec is always there to provide the assistance that we need as a company to resolve our day to day IT issues.

BroCoTec's customer service is excellent! Unlike other IT firms we have worked with in the past if there is a problem they will find the best available solution to resolve it and keep us updated and informed throughout the process.

If you are on the fence about choosing BroCoTec as your IT firm, I can tell you we have no regrets. The customer service is excellent, they will always make themselves available to assist you. In addition, the 24/7 Helpdesk is extremely efficient! They can support you and your team at anytime and anywhere.

Edward Wu
Project Manager
Wison USA, LLC
Houston, TX