How to Setup Outlook on Apple iPhone using Exchange for Office365

Updated: Jun 21

1. Go to the App store and download Outlook. You may see a cloud with a down arrow or a "get" icon for iOS from the iOS App Store and then open it.

2. If you have other exchange emails for this example we are going to skip for now.

3. Enter your work email.

4. If multifactor authentication is enabled you’ll need to verify your identity.

5. When asked enter your password

6. Accept any prompts for permission you may receive.

7. You can either add another account or tap “maybe later”

8. Swipe through the features and you're now ready to use Outlook for iOS!

9. You may be prompted to create a pin. If so create a pin and remember it.

10. If your app closes just open it back up and you should start seeing your email.

11. That’s it you should have your email accessible through the outlook app.

12. You'll be prompted to accept or turn on notifications. That's your choice to enable or not.

12. Any further assistance click this link for more assistance Microsoft Outlook for iPhone

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