We keep your data safe and accessible, all the time.  No matter what.

Is your business data at risk?

  • Does your business store its data locally instead of backing it up to a secure off-site location?
  • Do you have an automatic data backup system, or do you still back up manually and infrequently?
  • Do you have a process for recovering your data and restarting your operations in a crisis?
  • Is your business able to comply with the hundreds of laws protecting the data of US citizens?

Most businesses will not survive a major breach or data loss?

  • Every business, no matter its size, can fall victim to disaster, be it flood, fire or theft.
  • Your organization needs to prepare its business continuity by having a disaster backup recovery plan.
  • We can create and enforce sophisticated backup and recovery protocols to protect your data and systems in the event of a disaster. Not only will your business be able to survive a major data loss, but disruption to your operations will be minimized.

Why is this the right service for your business?

  • Reduce Downtime: Server virtualization and cloud-based data backups mean you can get back to business quickly in the event of a disruption or data loss.
  • Prevent Data Loss: Your mission-critical files will be stored in numerous offsite locations and monitored 24/7 for data security.
  • Be Prepared: Your business will be able to survive the unthinkable – be it flood, fire or security breach – with our disaster recovery plans.
  • Stay Compliant: Your compliance worries will be eliminated with our customized data protection and retention protocols.

Your data may be at risk.  Contact BroCoTec today for a customized plan to secure it.