The 3 Biggest Problems [Insert City]
CEOs Have With Most IT Firms

If you are a highly successful, results-oriented CEO who wants to focus your time, energy and money on growing your company, but find yourself constantly distracted and slowed down by chronic computer problems and incompetent IT support, then you probably don’t need us to tell you how frustrating that is.

Our research shows that most successful [insert your city] CEOs have 3 big problems when dealing with most IT support companies. See if you agree…

Problem #1: You Have Constant Technical Problems.

Maybe you’ve experienced this yourself: you hire a so-called IT expert to support your computer network, but every time they “solve” a problem, two more crop up. Or the problem they were supposed to have solved keeps coming back again and again. Then, to add insult to injury, they don’t check their work, they keep charging you to come back and repair the same issues or they waste your time trying to explain why the problem is happening instead of just taking care of it.

Problem #2: They Don’t Understand How Critically Important Your Time Is.

If you’re like most busy executives we work with, you’re the most important player on the team, with multiple time-sensitive projects and critical deadlines that can NOT be missed, yet most computer guys don’t seem to understand this. When you call their office, you get voice mail. When they finally get around to calling you back, they waste your time with a million dumb questions and walking you through a number of mind-numbing tasks (like rebooting), wasting even MORE of your time while they try to get a clue. If they can’t fix your computer that way, then you have to wait around for them to show up, take it back to their office, fix it and bring it back – a process that could take days. Meanwhile, your blood pressure is going through the roof because you need to get back to work.

You shouldn’t have to tolerate this type of poor service. Our stance is that you shouldn’t be having those kinds of issues in the first place. Second, when you DO have a problem, it should be addressed IMMEDIATELY – not hours or days later.

Problem #3: Poor Communication And Service.

From arrogant technicians who talk over your head to zero communication on the status of your requests and projects, another BIG problem many business owners have with their IT person is poor communication skills. On top of that, NONE of them seem to understand basic business concepts and want to have a conversation about the technical details rather than just getting it done.

Imagine being able to just tell your consultant what you’re trying to achieve in your business and they make it happen – and provide REAL value by advising you on how to make those outcomes happen faster, cheaper and with less effort.

Free Emergency Support For Your Next Computer Crisis

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