As the summer of 2024 progresses, businesses are encountering a myriad of opportunities and obstacles, many of which are rooted in technology. In the previous year, a growing number of companies have sought the assistance of Managed Services Providers (MSPs) to navigate these technological complexities. While conventional in-house IT departments remain common in medium to large organizations, even corporations are recognizing the benefits of enhancing their operations with managed IT services. At BroCoTec, we stand ready to assist.

Five Key Reasons Companies Opt for Managed Services Providers

  1. Infrastructure Surveillance and Analysis: Certain MSPs provide packages that focus solely on surveillance and analysis. Monitoring a comprehensive infrastructure can be daunting for large corporations, and delegating this responsibility to a provider of managed IT services ensures their systems are constantly supervised. The MSP then takes on the role of detecting potential intrusion attempts, pinpointing issues, and reporting them to the internal IT team for resolution.
  2. Dependability and Assistance: For small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in particular, managed services offer a crucial element: cost-effective IT support that delivers added value. Technology is integral to every business, and organizations of all sizes should have the opportunity to utilize it. SMBs can collaborate with a corporate IT solutions provider for less than the cost of maintaining an in-house IT department. With an MSP, even small businesses can benefit from the same performance and infrastructure capabilities as a large corporation.
  3. Team Enhancement: As of the previous year, nearly half of small businesses invest in managed IT services from an MSP, at the very least, to bolster their existing IT team. It is rare for a corporation to disband its current IT staff in favor of a fully managed external IT department. This assurance, coupled with the ongoing trust the IT staff have in their management, plays a significant role in the sustained adoption of managed IT.
  4. Addressing or Offsetting IT Difficulties: Internal IT departments are often overwhelmed with a constant stream of end-user support requests, projects, documentation, performance upgrades, and more. MSPs assist in offsetting everyday IT issues (like daily support and monitoring) to allow internal IT staff the freedom to pursue other strategic projects aimed at business growth and development. Additionally, MSPs can serve as your IT department, offering complete management of your infrastructure.
  5. Improved Security and Compliance: The year 2023 underscored a critical point: cybersecurity is a necessity given the volume of cyber threats targeting small businesses, particularly in Texas and Oklahoma. As security practices evolve, traditional methods need to adapt, prompting businesses to devise managed detection and response strategies. In the hustle and bustle of daily operations, in-house IT departments can easily lack the time, or the specialized expertise, required to keep their infrastructures updated with the latest security measures. This is where an MSP steps in. They are tasked with staying abreast of industry security trends and ensuring your organization remains compliant.

Discover Managed IT Solutions with BroCoTec

BroCoTec’s Managed Services equip your business with round-the-clock support, remediation, surveillance, analysis, maintenance, and security. We gauge the value of our services by the reduction in support tickets you need to submit.

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